Calton Athletic Recovery Group was founded in 1985 in the East End of Glasgow as a football team and social club composed of recovering drug addicts. In 1991 the group moved into its first premises to establish a base and run a day recovery programme.

The day programme was set up for addicts who wanted to quit drug and alcohol. To take part in the programme clients had to abstain from alcohol, drugs and offending behaviour.

Individual and group counselling where available as well as taking part in character building activities. Calton Athletic had a record number of 112 clients completing the program in one year. As well as guiding the programmes graduates into training and Employment there was also the provision of continuous aftercare in the form of evening meetings and weekend activities if anyone required it.

There was also a woman's service that offered counselling and activities for female addicts with a particular emphasis on re-entering employment. This project produced 20 new runners each year for the Glasgow woman's 10km race. The pinnacle of the female project was when Calton Athletics' female recovering addicts took to the catwalk. They modelled with grace and confidence in front of an audience made up of 800 fashionista in the 1998 Strathclyde Graduates Association Fashion Show. Another important project was run in the form of the Schools Drug Awareness Team. This was made up of successfully drug free graduates giving presentations on drug misuse and the effect it had on them and their families' life. This project started in 1994 and has had unparalleled success in educating schoolchildren, parents and teachers alike by giving an honest account of habitual drug use, this service still continues today on a voluntary capacity.

Calton Athletic has been supported by the Gateway Exchange, Camelot, The Stone Foundation, Paul Getty Jnr, BP and Bank of Scotland, Weavers guild, Marks & Spencer's, Alex Morrison - Morrisons Gym, Jack Black mind store, Robertsons Trust and Figment Films.