Hill Walking

Another activity the we have enjoyed in recent years is hill walking. a number of our members are keen to walk all the Munro's in Scotland and some of them are well on their way. Through their endeavours, we were able to send a group of eight members to an expedition in the Austrian Alps for a week in August 2012. We had the benifit of two guides from the Austian Alpine Club as well as a guide from the Mountaineering Club in Scotland who recommended us for the trip due to previous involvement with members of Calton Athletic.

Prior to going to Austria we climbed Ben nevis as part of our training, which we have done on a number of occasions over the years. The week in austria, consisted of Rock climbing, Abseiling, Climbing ice crevasses and Building up to climbing a mountain 11,500 feet high known as the veilder fraga. This trip gave our members memories and experiences that will live with them forever. In addition to this, a large number of our members have completed the famous and challenging West Highland Way hill walking course; an activity which promoted self-belief and determination.

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