The Calton Athletic football team was formed in the mid eighties. The team was originally made up of recovering addicts from Glasgows East End as a way of strengthening their recovery and as a positive focus away from drugs and alcohol. The effects of playing football meant the players were physically fitter, more disciplined and felt better within themselves.

Sadly we no longer have the football team after the passing of our former director David Bryce in 2011.

We do participate in 5 a side football at Saint Mungo's Academy in the east end glasgow every Tuesday evening.

The football team inspired the TV hit Alive and Kicking involving Robert Coltraine and Lenny Henry, They where also featured in the cult movie Trainspotting the cast attended our self help meetings then football training. With the proper resources we would consider returning to the football team as this was the flagship in the past for the group.


Many members also like to keep up their fitness levels by attending Morrison's Gym in Glasgow, allowing them the opportunity to meet up and support each other on a daily basis. Alex Morrison, the gym owner, has been a faithful supporter of Calton Athletic over the years.

Do Well Doubt Not